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step 6-astep 7-astep 7-b step 2 step 3-b step 4-a step 4-b-1 step 4-c step 4-e step 5Timetable: 20 minutes/Group size: small-medium Toolbox:
  • Assortment of fruit: pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries
  • One head of lettuce
  • Kale leaves
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Gumdrops  
  • Pot  
  • Flower shaped metal cookie cutter
  • Melon baller
  • Knife
Set Up: Hire a culinary instructor to teach the teens fruit and vegetable decor in honor of Tu B’Shvat. or You can teach it yourself by following these quick tips. How To:
  1. Choose a container that can hold a head of lettuce..
  2. Cut the head of lettuce as necessary to fit into the container.
  3. Insert the kale leaves into the container around the lettuce. Cover the lettuce completely. The kale leaves will be held in place by bamboo skewers of fruit flowers inserted later.
  4. Slice a pineapple into 1/2 - 1" thick discs. Average size is 7 pineapple daisies for a fruit bouquet. The bigger the bouquet, the more fruit flowers you will need.
  5. Take a pineapple disc, position a flower-shaped cookie cutter over the disc, and press down on the cookie cutter. Push the part inside the cookie cutter out. Make as many as you would want. Don’t throw away the outer (edible) portion of the pineapple! Either cut up to snack on or decorate the inside of “flower” pot with the pieces.
  6. Take a cantaloupe, cut it in half and remove the seeds. Using a melon baller, cut balls from the cantaloupe. They can be totally round or a little flat on one side. Make as many melon balls as pineapple flowers.
  7. Take a bamboo skewer and slide a gumdrop onto it. The gumdrop will prevent the pineapple flower from sliding down the skewer.
  8. Pierce the sharp end of the skewer through the center of the pineapple flower. Then thread a cantaloupe ball onto the end of the skewer so that the skewer does not show. A pineapple daisy is ready.
  9. Arrange your edible flowers in the pot to achieve the desired look. Make the flower stems shorter by breaking the ends of the skewers off or cutting the ends off with wire cutters as necessary.
Optional: Make grape and strawberry flowers.
  1. Take a bamboo skewer and thread several grapes onto it. Do not push the skewer all the way through.through the final grape.
  2. Take a strawberry and insert the pointy end of a bamboo skewer into the strawberry. Do not push the skewer completely through the strawberry.

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