Tire ‘Bean’ Bag

Crafts Indoors crafts

Duration: 40 minutes/Group Size:Any Toolbox (per teen):
  • Old tire
  • Ribbon spools
  • Scissors
Tip: Most auto body shops will gladly give you old tires for free. You can also ask teens to donate tires for the activity. How To:
  1. Tie the ribbon in a loop around the tire. Double knot the ribbon as compactly as you can.
  2. Continue wrapping the ribbon around the tire. When one ribbon spool finishes, tie a knot at the loose end, leaving some ribbon to tie to the next spool.
  3. Repeat steps #1 and #2 until the whole tire is completely covered.
  4. Double knot the end of the ribbon, wrap any remaining ribbon around the knot and tuck it in between the ribbon layers

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