Square to Square

Games Team Building

Duration: 20 minutes/Group Size: Any size Toolbox:
  • 7 pieces of paper
How To:
  1. Place seven sheets of paper on the floor in a line.
  2. Divide into two teams of 3. The other teens will participate from the sidelines (see below.)
  3. Teams face each other on the squares with one empty square in between them. The object is to get both teams to the the last three squares on the opposite side from where they started. A player may only step onto an adjacent empty space or step around a person from the other team onto an empty space. Players may not move backward. Players may not step around their own teammates. Two players may not move at once.
  4. Have the teams step out of the room to plan a strategy.
  5. Explain to other participants that they are going to criticize the moves of players and tell them they are doing it wrong. They should also tell the players that the task is SO easy.
  6. Give teams a time limit for completing the task.
  7. Point out whether or not the teens were able to ignore the pressure and criticism and complete their tasks.

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