Sports Caster Auditions

Games Relay Races and Funny

clip_image003_thumbDuration: 35 minutes/Group Size: Medium Tool Box
  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Sports posters or backdrop
  • Desk
  • Large DVD screen
  • Sportscaster video (found on monthly DVD)
  • Scripts
Props listed are not crucial but will definitely make it more realistic and fun. Setup: Prepare a mock sportscaster booth complete with mics, headphones, sports posters, desk, etc. Set up a screen and play the sportscaster video found on the DVD that came with the guide. You may wish to assign a teen to videotape the auditions. * How To:
  1. Divide the teens into teams of 2-4 teens. (If your group is small, teens can audition alone.)
  2. Each team has a turn to read funny sport scripts on the sportscaster video. The script will have lots of funny and random sentences, making it difficult for the teens to refrain from laughter.
  3. The teams will compete to announce the plays without laughing or messing up. ( ex: Script will jump from sport to sport in mid sentence and contains random words in the middle of a big play.)
  4. Choose 3 judges to rate the teens’ performances and pick the winning sportscasting team. Each team is allotted 3 strikes (3 mess-ups) before being kicked off the stage by the judges .
  5. Upload your CTeen Facebook page with the funny sportscaster auditions and bloopers.

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