Shaping Up

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Duration:15 minutes/Group Size: Any size Toolbox:
  • Long rope
How to:
  1. Divide the teens into groups of 5-6 teens. Hand each group a long rope.
  2. Everyone in the group should stand up and hold the rope with both hands. The group has to form the rope into a Chanukah symbol such as a Menorah or a dreidel. The group has 4 minutes to talk about how they are going to form the shape with the rope. During the 4 minutes of planning the group is not allowed to move. If any participant moves they will have to turn around and hold the rope from behind.
  3. After the time has passed the group  has 4 minutes to use their plan to form the shape. During this part of the activity the group is no longer allowed to talk and anyone who does has to turn around and also hold the rope from behind.
  4. Once the group has figured out how to form the shape, they should place the rope on the floor.
  5. Judge the shapes and choose a winner. (If there is only one group playing, look and evaluate how their shape came out.)

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