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Duration: 20 minutes/Group Size: Large group Toolbox:
  • Pack of UNO playing cards
  • Tape
Prep: Remove all non-number cards from the deck (like Skip, Reverse, etc.) How To:
  1. The players sit in a circle and are dealt a playing card face down - they may not look at their card.
  2. Teens tape their cards to their foreheads, so that the other players can see what it is but they still can't.
  3. Each player is then allowed to ask one question to one other player. For instance A might ask B, "Is my card higher or lower than C’s card?". The responder can only give away two clues so A might reply, "Yes, it is higher than C’s but lower than D’s card".
  4. After everyone has asked a question, the players attempt to work out what their card is. If they guess right they get a prize.

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