Self-Portrayed Portraits

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Duration: 45 minutes/Group Size: Large group Toolbox:
  • Easel, marker board or drawing table
  • Drawing tools (pen, paint, pencils, etc.)
  • Mechitzah or room divider
  • Chairs
  • Tape
  • Paper
  1. Choose one of the following options. (They are listed in order of our recommendation.)
  • Hire an artist or caricaturist.
  • Invite a volunteer artist to your event i.e. a community member not so familiar with the teens.
  • Choose an artistic teen to act as your artist.
  1. Prepare an easel, marker board or drawing table for the artist.
  2. Place an opaque Mechitzah or room divider behind the artist’s chair and in front of another chair.
  3. Create seating space for your group.
  4. IMPORTANT: The artist should not see any of the teens before the game begins!  
How To: PART 1:
  1. Each teen is given a number.
  2. Once the artist is seated, call up teen #1 to sit in the portrait chair. The teen will then describe all his/her features to the artist who will attempt to draw him/her.
(Depending on the size of your group, decide whether to give all the teens a chance to be drawn or only a few to demonstrate the concept. ) PART 2:
  1. Teens write their names on a paper and place them in a bag.
  2. Have each teen choose a name from the bag.
  3. The teens will then take turns describing the features of the person whose name they chose to the artist.
  4. Once the artist finishes drawing all the teens, hang up each set of 2 images (self-described and friend-described)  for teens to review.
  5. Teens complete the “Self Portrayed Portrait Activity” in their CNotes Journals.
Debrief: This activity serves as a test of our a) personal appreciation and b) interpersonal appreciation. The contrasting images can help us learn which areas we need to improve in (i.e if our self- portrayed image is nicer, we can work on appreciating others and vice versa.)  

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