Sandwich Cookie Pops

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sw cookie popsTimetable: 30 minutes/Group size: small-medium Yields: 12 pops This is a short-on-time simplified version of the wedding cake pops. Toolbox:
  • 1 pack of sandwich cookies
  • White chocolate
  • Sprinkles
  • Chocolate chips
  • Cake pop sticks
  • Wax paper
How to:
  1. Pull the sandwich cookies apart without crumbling or breaking the cookies. Make sure one side of the cookie has the icing completely on it.
  2. Place a lollipop stick in the middle of the icing. Position the top ¼ portion of the stick on top of the cookie frosting. Press gently to embed the stick. You want to make an indentation inside the frosting.
  3. Pour candy melts into a microwave safe bowl and melt candy for approximately 30 seconds. Consider heating only until a few pieces of candy are not melted as you can stir the candy together until smooth.
  4. Remove the lollipop stick from frosting and dip the ¼ inch portion into the melted candy. Return the lollipop stick to the cookie indentation and allow it to set.
  5. Return cookie top to the frosted half and allow the melted candy to harden between the cookie halves.  Lower the cookie side into the bowl of melted candy and coat completely.
  6. Place cookie on a waiting baking sheet covered in wax paper.  Immediately sprinkle the sprinkles and chocolate chips over the wet chocolate before the candy hardens.

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