Quilled Shana Tova Cards

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351 Duration: 30 minutes/Group Size: Any Toolbox:
  • round-headed pin
  • slotted quilling tool
  • tweezers
  • small sharp scissors
  • quilling paper
  • blank cards/paper
  • UHU Twist Glue or PVC Craft glue
  • Twilling Basics Sheet
Setup: Prepare toolbox items and a clean working space. How To:
  1. Experiment with basic techniques before starting a project.
  1. To make a tight circle, slip paper into the slot on the quilling tool, placing paper's end flush with edge of slot.
  1. To complete the tight circle, turn tool until strip is rolled into a firm cylinder. Remove paper from tool, and glue closed to complete your tight circle. Use the round-headed pin for precise glue application.
  1. To quill a whole apple, glue together a few short strips of several tints, from light-yellow to dark-green. Roll this long strip, then let it unroll to desired size and glue its tip. You will have to hold it for a while until the glue is dry. Shape the apple, then make the stem. Finally, make and attach a leaf.
Debrief: Wish a happy new year to your loved ones!

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