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sticky-notesDuration: 20 minutes/Group Size: Medium Toolbox:
  • Problems
  • Different colored sticky note pads
  • Tape
Setup: Line the walls of the room with different problems for teens to brainstorm how to solve, posed as "How can we..." statements. Example: “How can we help stop intermarriage?” Divide the teens into teams. Each team gets their own color sticky notepad to divide amongst their team. (If your group is smaller, one teen can play per team). How To:
  1. Ask simple questions such as, “Who’s wearing the color green?” and all those that are wearing green have 20 seconds to quickly roam the room, write ideas on their pads, and stick them on the problem to which they apply.
  2. After about 15 rounds, teens will take turns reading the problems and the solutions. The CTeen leader or another teen that did not play will judge the best answers. (Teens should read the sticky notes in a manner that the color of the sticky notes remain hidden from the judge.)
  3. Each correct or well-thought out answer scores a point for the team.
  4. Once done, share your top solutions with the rest of CTeen on the CTeen website or Facebook.

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