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step 1step 3step 5step 4Duration: 35 minutes/Group Size: Any Tool Box:
  • Thick piece of rectangular plywood
  • Small 2x4 wood plank
  • Rubber bands
  • Nails
  • Duct tape
  • Two bolts
  • A marble
  • A pipe not much wider than your marble
  • Hammer
  • Markers
Setup: Prepare all the tools and reserve a large working space. for pics: How To:
  1. For the walls, you will need to place the nails in the wood to stretch the rubber bands between.
  2. For the hitters, cover the bolt in duct tape. Put a nail between the bolt and the other nail so that it can move freely.
  3. Wrap a rubber band around the rear or the hitter, then run it to the bottom of the board and wrap it around a nail.
  4. Tape down the pipe and a piece of 2x4 plank as the starter.
  5. Nail the 2x4 plank to the bottom of the board to make a slant. (You can add more wood to the bottom to make the game harder.)

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