Photo Coasters

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Duration: 45 minutes/Group Size: Any Toolbox:
  • 4" tile (uncoated)
  • Inexpensive fingernail polish remover
  • Bone folder, spoon or butter knife
  • Foam brush
  • Toner-ink color copies of your chapter’s group photo
  • Sheet of clear acetate
  • Latex gloves
Prep: Choose a group picture to use. Make sure you push the reverse or mirror image button on the copier. This way you won't have images or words showing up reversed on your coasters.  Choose a well-ventilated room to do the project. (Weather permitting, we recommend you do this project outside.) How To:
  1. Cut your image down to fit the size of your tile.
  2. Heat the coasters in the microwave for a minute to help the ink stick to the tile.
  3. Place the image face down on a warm tile.
  4. Pour some nail polish remover onto the brush and/or the color copy and coat the entire back of the image. Hold image in place while applying the polish remover.
  5. Put the sheet of acetate over that and rub the entire image with the back of a spoon.
  6. Carefully take off the acetate and add some more nail polish remover as it evaporates rather quickly. Every so often, stop and slowly lift the corners of the color copy to see if the ink is transferring.
  7. Once your image has transferred you can remove the leftover paper from the color copy and wash it off with water.
  8. Use a tile sealer and apply a coat or two to the tile.
Optional: Place felt stoppers to the bottom of the tile to make it even smoother.

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