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Duration: 10 minutes/Group size: Any size How To:
  1. Head outside with your whole group. Find someone in the street to follow around.  Have the group mimic the actions of the person being followed.
  2. When the person notices, explain that you are teaching the group about peer pressure and retaining your own identity.
Variation: If you’d rather not follow a stranger around, choose one of the first teens to arrive to the meeting to be the person followed (but don’t tell him).  As the other teens arrive, discreetly tell them to imitate the teen you’ve selected.  The teens should begin imitating him or her right away and this can be your way to segue into the discussions above. Debrief: It’s easy to follow-the-leader when everyone else is doing it.  Be confident in your beliefs and don’t be afraid to stand out.  

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