Left-Right Chanukah Gift Pass

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Prep: Have teens bring wrapped Chanukah gifts. Prepare a few extra gifts just in case teens forget to bring. Or Prepare them all yourself. Gift Ideas
  • Dreidels
  • Menorahs
  • Chocolate gelt
  • Picture frames
  • Anything at the dollar store
How To:

Players sit in a circle and are each given a gift. A narrator will then read the “Right and Left” version of the Chanukah story. Every time the narrator says the word “right” (also write,) players must pass their gift to their neighbor on the right. When the narrator says the word “left” players pass their gift to the neighbor on the left.

Upon the narrator’s instructions, the gifts can be opened.

Variation: Instead of only offering teens gifts, including a few envelopes that have challenges in it as well. Write down the challenges in an envelope so that teens can pass them around with the gifts during the game. You can use challenges such as:Stuff mouth with as many marshmallows as possible and say happy Chanukah

  • Squirt jelly in mouth for 10 seconds and swallow

  • Mix all toppings (custard, chocolate, caramel, jelly, Apple sauce, ketchup and sour cream) and eat.

  • Drink can of coke in 20 seconds

  • Fill mouth with chocolate coins to max and eat

  • Top latke with all toppings and eat

  • Top donut with all toppings and eat

Toolbox: Chanukah Left Right Game Gifts/Envelopes with challenges

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