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Puff Paint Kippas   Duration: 25 minutes Toolbox
  • Kippas
  • Fabric Pen
  • Puff Paint
  • Pencils
How To:
  1. Buy kippas or collect extras from a recent bar mitzvah or dinner.
  2. Using a fabric pen or puff paint, teens decorate the kippas with the name of the orphan they are matched with. (Optional: Outline the name with a pencil first.)
  3. Carefully spread the kippas out to dry for at least a day.
  4. Tip: Microwaving the kippas twice for 5 seconds will help them dry faster.
  Tie Dye Kippas Duration: 30 minutes Toolbox:
  • White, cotton or  linen kippas
  • Rubberbands
  • Tie dye
  • Buckets
Prep: Prewash kippas. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Cover work surface with a plastic tablecloth. Teens should wear garbage bags or old clothes to avoid staining Lay kippas flat on work surface. How To: Teens choose from the following tie dye methods. Complete instructions for all 5 methods are available. Tie Dye Methods Bullseye Painting Crumpled Spiral Polka Dots Tip: Write a name or draw a design using a Tie Dye block pen.  Your design will come out white even after it is dyed! Bullseye Pinch the center of the kippa and pull up the sides in a tube shape. Place a rubber band about 1 inch from the top, continue banding every inch along the length of the tube shape. Dye colors between banded sections. For best results, cover kippa with plastic and let set 4 to 6 hours. Remove rubber bands. Painting Using a black felt pen, outline the child’s Hebrew name or draw an outline of your design on a thin paper. Cut out the design. Cover pattern with plastic wrap, taping excess plastic to the back. Insert pattern under the kippa and position in place. (The pattern will show through the kippa) Wearing gloves fill each dye bottle with water. Shake until thoroughly mixed. Squeeze a small amount of dye onto a plate. Dip brush in dye then press onto the kippa design. Dye will spread on fibers. Paint dye to about ¼” from edge and let spread to line. If more dye is needed, add paint at center again and let spread. Clean brush and plate and repeat.  

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