Group Dreidel Game

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Duration: 10-15 minutes/Group Size: Any size Toolbox:
  • Coins
  • Charity Box (large bucket)
  • Chocolate coins
  • Latkes
  • Blindfolds
  • Donut
  • String
  • Olives (pitted)
  • L’chaim cups
  • Task Cards
  • Depending on the size of your group, prepare enough Chanukah task items neatly on a table for the teens to see.
  • Cut out the playing cards and mix them up in a jar/hat.
  • Attach donuts to strings.
How to:
  1. Each player receives a dreidel.
  2. Choose a teen to be the announcer.
  3. On the count of 3, everyone spins their dreidels.
  4. The announcer calls out one of the 4 letters on the dreidel (nun, gimmel, hey, shin)
  5. All those whose dreidels landed on that letter come up. The first person reads a playing card that contains either a task or trivia for them to answer. The teen that wins the task race or answers the question first wins a ticket.
Task Ideas:
  1. Throw some Tzedakah in the Charity Box.
  2. Name 3 chanukah songs. (Fastest to name them wins)
  3. Make a Shehakol blessing and eat the amount of chocolate coins corresponding to the number of candles of the night.
  4. Baruch atah A-donay, Elo-heinu Melech Ha’Olam shehakol nihiyah bed'varo”
  5. Find the latke and eat it while blindfolded. Don’t forget the blessing. Baruch atah A-donay, Elo-heinu Melech Ha’Olam borei pri ha-adamah.
  6. Call up a friend to hold the donut string for you. Race to eat the donut with your hands tied behind your back. First person to finish the whole donut without touching it wins.
  7. Make a Judah Maccabee move. Best move wins.
  8. Wish someone you don’t know a Happy Chanukah.
  9. Squeeze olives into oil. First person to fill up the mini L’chaim cup wins.
  1. What does the word Chanukah mean?
  2. How long does Chanukah last?
  3. When is the menorah lit?
  4. Where should the menorah be placed?
  5. Which nation ruled over Israel at the time of the Chanukah story?
  6. Potato pancakes are a traditional food eaten during this holiday. What are they called in Yiddish?
  7. During which Hebrew month is Chanukah celebrated?

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