Get-to-Know-You Chairs

< 5 min any size group boys CTeen Jr. Games girls indoors No prep older

Chairs-in-a-Circle Duration: 15 minutes/Group size: Any size Prep: Clear the room and place enough chairs in a large circle for all but one participant. How To:
  1. Have the first leader stand in the center of the circle while all the others are in the chairs. The leader asks teens to stand up if they ever had a certain experience, for example:  “Stand up and find another chair if you ever felt embarrassed at airport security because you had a hole in your sock.”
  1. All those to whom the statement applied will stand and find another chair that is not immediately next to them, unless that is the only other chair available.
  1. The leader claims one of the empty chairs and one person will be left standing. This person is the new leader and repeats the process.
  1. The process is repeated until there are no chairs left.

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