Favor Pop

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balloon Toolbox:
  • Assorted color balloons
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Pins/pens
Prep: Hand out balloons, papers and pens. How to:
  1. Instruct the teens to write a small favor that they would want a friend to do for them.The favor should be practical and free of any monetary costs.
  2. Teens write their names on the bottom of the note and place the note in a balloon.
  3. Teens blow up and tie the balloons.
  4. Play music while the teens keep hitting the balloons to keep them up in the air.
  5. Stop the music and announce a color. Teens near that color pop the balloon and read the favor they will do.
  6. Repeat step #5, shouting a different color every round until all the balloons are popped. Teens should not pop more than one balloon in order to give everyone a turn.
Sample favors:
  • Please help me rearrange my locker
  • Please bring me a drink of water during PE.

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