Creative Sukka Contest

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creative sukahDuration: 25 minutes/Group Size: Large group Toolbox:
  • Boxes
  • Random items
  • Tape
How to:
  1. Divide the group into teams of 3 teens. Each group receives a box of random items and must make a mini, kosher sukkah using the items given.
  2. They must follow the criteria of a Kosher sukkah must have at least two full walls plus part of a third wall. It is preferable, however, that the sukkah have four complete walls.The sukkah needs to be covered with sechach—raw, unfinished vegetable matter. There must be sufficient sechach to provide enough shade so that in a bright midday there is more shade than sun seen on the floor of the sukkah.
  3. Each group presents their sukkah to a judge or panel of judges. The most creative sukkah gets an award!

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