Create A Masterpiece

10+ min any size group CTeen Jr. CTeen SR Games girls Quick prep Thought Provoking

Duration: 30 minutes/Group Size: Any size Toolbox:
  • Easel
  • White canvas
  • Paint or markers
  • Paintbrushes
How To:
  1. Set up an easel and a large white paint canvas. Place the canvas away from the teens so that they cannot see it until it is their turn to paint.
  2. Each teen draws a number out of a hat. #1 must go to the canvas and has 20 seconds to paint to her or his heart's desire. When #1’s turn is up, the teen who drew #2 goes up to the canvas and has a chance to paint for 20 seconds. It goes on until every teen gets a turn.
  3. When the last teen is finished painting, turn the canvas around and display the painting.
Variation: You can use markers instead of paint. For a fast-paced version, prepare 2 canvases, one for the even numbers, and one for the odd numbers.

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