Comfort Pillowcases

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Duration: 30 minutes/Group Size: Any Prepare this pillowcases for children sleeping in bomb shelters Toolbox:
  • White or light colored pillow cases
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Stencils
  • Bingo bottle paint
  • Markers
Prep: Print multiple copies of the hebrew stencils on hard paper. Cut out the letters from the stencil, leaving only the outline. How To:
  1. Purchase white or light colored pillow cases. Iron flat if needed.  
  2. Place a piece of cardboard inside of the pillowcase to ensure the paint does not bleed from one side to the other.
  3. Each teen can choose a phrase in Hebrew connected to Israel, Hashem’s protection, or sleep.  
  4. The teens can copy the phrases onto the pillow.  If the teens can write in Hebrew they can do it freestyle with markers, if not they can use the stencils provided.  
  5. To use the stencils, place stencil on the pillowcase.  Hold down firmly with one hand while applying the paint using the bingo bottle paint.
  6. The teens can then decorate the pillowcases in any manner they choose with the markers provided.
Sample phrases:
  • Layla Tov
  • Hashem Yishmorcha Mikol Ra
  • Hiney Lo Yanum v’lo Yishan Shomer Yisroel
  • Shema Yisroel/Modeh Ani

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