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  • Click! Category cards
  • Make a Bet cards
  • Game board
How to:
  1. Partner up with someone you know well.
  2. To start, one partner picks a category card. He reads it out loud.  
  3. Then the rest of the group says “Ready. Set. Click!” (to give partners a quick moment to think.) Partners shout out their answers.
  4. So for example, the category is Shul items... Ready. Set. Click! If they both say Bima they move ahead 1 space on the game board. If one says Bima and the other says Siddur, they stay where they are on the board.
  5. At the end of each round, players switch partners and play a new card.
  6. Optional: To make the game more interactive and challenging, other players can use Make A Bet cards to move ahead on the game board by guessing if the partners Click! or not on each turn.
Sample Category Cards
  • iPhone apps
  • Shul items
  • Sports equipment
  • Elected official titles
  • Shabbat foods
  • Doctor types
  • Fruit
  • Kosher candy
  • Torah personality
  • Shabbaton packing item
  • Book title
  • Ball type
  • Kitchen utensil
  • Shoe size
  • Army rank
  • High school mascot
  • Holiday food
  • Gym equipment
  • Mitzvah
  • Vegetable
  • Calendar date
  • City in the USA
  • Dangerous activity
  • Winter clothing
  • Garden item
  • Funny fashion fad
  • CTeen member
  • Pizza topping
  • Inspirational topic
  • Jewish comedian
  • Fictional world
  • Jewish holiday

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