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challah coverToolbox:
  • Heavy cotton fabric or light canvas, cut to approximately 16x20 inches
  • White glue
  • Craft paint in a range of colors
  • Garbage bags
  • Pencils
  • Small bowls
How to:
  1. Begin to sketch out your design with pencil directly onto the fabric. You may want to add “Shabbat” in Hebrew, other text, or your own pattern.
  2. Trace all your pencil lines with a heavy line of glue. As the glue dries it will become thinner, so make sure your glue line is solid enough to clearly mark any design you will want in your final product. Set aside until completely dry, then continue to next step.
  3. Pour quarter sized dollops of paint into small bowls, and water down and mix until the paint is entirely dissolved. Your paint will dry a few shades lighter so plan to mix colors a few shades darker. (You're basically making your own watercolors.)
  4. Be sure your garbage bag or craft paper is under your fabric, and begin to paint. Paint directly on your fabric, allowing the colors to spread over the glue pattern you prepared earlier. The paint will behave like watercolors, so expect your colors to blend into the fabric and spread. Remember to protect clothing and furniture as this will stain.
  5. When satisfied with the painting, set aside to dry completely. When your entire cover is dry to the touch, you can put it into a mixing bowl of warm water to dissolve the glue. Peel off the glue either with your nails or a small nail brush. Return to warm water if needed and continue peeling until all the glue is removed.
  6.  Allow your Challah cover to dry. If you'd like, you can sew a backing on the cover or trim in ribbon for a finished edge. Be sure that it is completely dry before shipping.

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