Candy Connections

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laffy taffy Toolbox:
  • Laffy Taffys
  • Cup
  • Paper
  • Pens
Prep: Place Laffy Taffys or other colorful candies in wrappers inside of a large plastic cup.  Make sure there are enough candies that each teen gets at least one. How to:
  1. Without looking, every teen draws one candy out of the cup.
  2. The teens then split into pairs by same color.  (More than 2 people are likely to get the same color but they should only split into pairs.  If there is an uneven number, a group of 3 can form.)
  3. Each pair will start off with 1 minute to find 5 things they have in common.
  4. The pair writes down on a piece of paper everything they found in common.
  5. After time is up, 2 more people with the same color candy join another pair, so four people have to find 5 things in common.
  6. After four people find something in common then 2 more people with the same color candy get to add to the group, etc.  The goal is to see how many people can find things in common.

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