Bungee Run

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$_35 Toolbox:
  • 100 m elastic cord
  • Bungee cord
  • Backpacks
  1. Spread out soft mats across the whole playing area.
  2. Tie a bungee cord or 6 ft string of 100m elastic to an old backpack. Tie the cord or elastic to a sturdy pole.
How To:
  1. One teen stands by the pole and puts on the backpack.
  2. On the go, the teen must run against the cord.
Variations: Set up a race between 2 or 3 players. Be sure that there is ample room between them. Connect the elastic to 2 separate backpacks. Attach the elastic to a 3rd backpack filled with heavy items. 2 teens wear the backpacks and attempt to run in opposite directions. Rent a professional bungee run from any inflatable rental company.  

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