Bumper Stickers

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bumper stickersDuration: 25 minutes/Group Size: Any Tool Box:
  • blank bumper sticker paper (or any other sticker option)
  • tracers
  • pencils
  • permanent markers
Setup: Buy blank bumper sticker paper, magnetic sticker paper, or cut thick strips of regular sticker paper. (Can be purchased at any Staples, Office Depot or stationary store.) How To: Supply lots of tracers, pencils and permanent markers for teens to design their bumper stickers with. Make sure your photographer gets lots of pictures! Contest: Teens compete to make a bumper sticker that they think their Rabbi would choose to display on his car. Topic Ideas:
  • Favorite Mitzva
  • Favorite Holiday
  • Favorite Jewish Hero
  • CTeen Pride
Teens can present their bumper stickers before the Judge, who chooses the winning bumper stickers.

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