Build a Tree  

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build a tree


BuildaTree cards


Divide the group into 2 teams.  Lay the cards with the pictures of the 7 parts of the tree face- down on the floor.

How To:

The goal of the game is to flip over all of the 7 parts of the tree in order of growth.  1) Seed 2) Seedling 3) Roots 4) Trunk 5) Branches 6) Leaves 7) Fruit.

1. Have each team send up one player at a time to play a round.

2. During a turn, one player flips over a card.  If they turn over the cards in the correct sequence, they continue playing until either they get all of them in correct order in one turn or they flip over the wrong card.

3. If the player turns the wrong card over, he or she must turn over all the cards facing up that they got in the correct order and the next two players come up for their turns.

Mix up the teams and/or cards and play as many rounds as you want!

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