Blind Date

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blind dateToolbox:
  • 4 blind date profiles
  • Pens
How to:
  1. Divide the teens into 4 groups of the same gender (2 boy groups, 2 girl groups.) If your group is small, the teens can play individually.
  2. Each group receives a short profile and photo of a boy or girl. (Boy groups read about a girl and the girls analyze a boy.)  
  3. The catch is that the profiles of the same person are drastically different. For instance, one girl group sees a picture of an attractive male and reads a description of a well-rounded easygoing person.  The other girl group’s profile shows the exact same picture but describes a cheater and felon.
  4. The groups then complete identical questionnaires about the physical appearance of their prospective ‘dates’.
  5. Upon completion, the groups compare their answers and discuss.

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