Ball Toss Game

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group_tossTool Box:
  • Large bag
  • Lots of Nerf balls (or items that can be thrown)
How To:
  1. Have everyone form a circle. (Sit in a small playing area, stand in a large playing area.) Each player chooses a sport.
  2. Once a player chooses a sport, the remaining players can’t use that sport choice.  (When the popular sports are used up, teens can choose random sports such as curling, sledding, etc.)
  3. Shout out a player’s sport choice and toss a Nerf ball toward them. He/she then shouts another player’s sport and  tosses the ball toward that player.
  4. Players continue announcing and throwing.
  5. When all players received a turn, toss an additional ball in the same order as before.
  6. Speed up the game by tossing more balls in shorter time intervals.  

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