Auto Repair Charades

Games Team Building

Duration: 30 minutes/ Group Size: Medium-large Tool Box:
  • Car Cards
  • Grab Bag
  • Optional - toy cars and finish line
Setup: Fill a grab bag with cards describing things that are connected to cars. To add excitement, double wrap some real or toy car parts before placing them in the grab bag. How to Play:
  • Teens are split into teams. A team is called up and pulls a car card out of the bag. (If you are playing with actual items, the team quickly glances at the car part.)
  • Without talking, the team must act out the car part’s function or the given scenario. The opposing team that guesses correctly first receives a mile.
Round 2: Once all the car cards have been acted out, announce “There is a lesson we can learn from each car part and scenario. I will call out/hold up a part, and you guys should shout out a lesson we can learn from it to earn a mile.” Sample Lesson: Windshield Wipers- sometimes we have to move things aside in order to see clearly and focus on reaching our destination. Tip: If you think it will get out of hand, play Round Two by allowing one team at a time to think of a lesson; giving each team 5 seconds to come up with a good lesson before it goes to the next team. Twist: Toy or remote cars act as board pieces. Every time a team answers correctly, their car moves up the track. Team that crosses the finish line first wins! Short on players? This game can be played by one-teen teams as well.

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