Apples to Bananas

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alphabet-cards--300x246 Tool Box:
  • Alphabet cards
  • paper clips
Setup: Choose a judge. Divide the teens into groups of two or three. (Game can also be played with one-person teams.) Each team receives 14 random alphabet cards. (Each card has one letter of the alphabet.) How To:
  1. Judge calls out a category. Teams have 15 seconds to put together a word from the alphabet cards that fall under a given category. The word is then held together with paper clips and passed up to the judge.
  2. The judge reads out all the words and chooses one that fits the category best. The team that created the word receives a point.
Variation: Teams can take turns acting as the judge. Judges can choose their own categories or choose from the list below. Categories:
  • Jewish
  • Kosher
  • Funny
  • CTeen
  • Rabbi
  • Shabbat
  • Summer
  • Israel
  • Torah
  • Mitzvos
  • Holidays
  • Teens

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