Anti-Gravity Basketball

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bubble-wrap-mattresses-11 Duration: 20 minutes/Group Size: Any Size Toolbox
  • Bubble-wrap
  • Duct tape
  • 2 Plastic bags
Prep: Make a “bubble ball” by rolling bubble wrap into a ball and duct taping it together. Mark the basket by placing two lines of duct tape on either side of the court. How to:
  1. This game is played like regular basketball, except that the ball it thrown in the air instead of being dribbled.
  2. The baskets are plastic bags and are held by players, who position themselves on the lines marked by duct tape. The object is to shoot the ball into a plastic bag.
Optional: The players holding the ‘baskets’ can move anywhere they want throughout the court which makes the game more strategically complex.
  1. You can play with a timer or have a “first team to five points” goal.

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